The Tangible Outcome

1. The process of working with Kevin Dundas and the team began in April 2003.The target date for Kevin
to be appointed CEO was Jan 1 2004, although this appointment was by no means certain.
In addition to working with Kevin, tcp kept in very close contact with - and received invaluable council from - James Hall the Chairman.
Working in close conjunction with tcp over three months, the group then assigned one another key tasks and over July and August, produced the plan for Saatchi's London to become an 'Ideas Company'.
The plan was presented to Kevin Dundas and James Hall during the first week in September.
On the 12th September Kevin Roberts, Chairman & CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide arrived in London and appointed Kevin Dundas CEO, London with immediate effect.


2. The plan, 'An Ideas Company - Playing a Different Game and Playing it Consistently' - is an ambitious, fully comprehensive re-construction of a modern communications company's operations.
Its 'root and branch' approach incorporates four key sections on 'Strategies; Work; Revenue and People' and is described by its' authors in their introduction as 'the design, production, performance and after-sales of ideas'.
Each of the four key sections of the plan is broken down into Current Issues; Opportunity; Behavioural Shift and Action. In addition, the traditional 'advertising agency' roles of Account Management and Planning have been replaced with a new set of roles and responsibilities, the terminology of which ties into that used in the global 'Ideas Company' manifesto, 'Made in Saatchi & Saatchi'.

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3. Each major component of the plan has a champion/expert assigned and the team have
incorporated proposals for follow-through on evaluation and remuneration, employee and company assessment, skills enhancement and training, systems and process management, environment, working practices, IT support, financial management and client negotiation.
The team have also made a recommendation as to how the various companies within the integrated communication services offered by Saatchi London, can be embraced within the overall plan.

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4. One of the key tangible outcomes of the effort so far is the formation of a leadership team, unified by their plan and by its consequences.
It has been announced that James Hall is returning to his home in New Zealand, having led the renaissance of Saatchi & Saatchi, London over the last three years.
This places even greater emphasis on the value to Kevin Dundas of having a vision, a team and a plan already in place, as he sets out on his leadership journey.
Critically, this has allowed Kevin the means of assessing the potential contribution each of his 'team' can make (far more clearly and swiftly than would otherwise have been the case) as he evaluates the management needs of the 'Ideas Company' he now leads.

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