changing how
your company behaves

What are the implications of change?
Why do your people resist change?
Do they understand the consequences of not changing?
Understanding the issues you face accelerates
the move towards change.

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The objective of Interrogation is to test the
assumptions made during Dialogue about the scale,
nature and rigidity of the gap and to accelerate
the individual towards closing the gap.

We explore:
- levels of resistance to closing the gap
- ability to overcome this resistance
- further context (what lies behind the resistance and why)
- current performance of the individual
- implications to the individual of closing the gap.

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The style of Interrogation is more direct,
provocative and challenging.
Each person is taken through an extensive series of
questions built around the five Interrogation criteria.
These questions will have been tailored following
the initial meeting. They are designed to test each
individual's appreciation of the consequences of
maintaining the status quo versus embracing change.

tcp's analysis of the output from this stage will
provide a clear picture of the issues the leader is
facing and of the implications of closing the gap.

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