understanding how
your company behaves

Why is there a gap between your
company's behaviour and your vision?

In informal dialogues with your people,
we explore the 4 components of the gap:
personal, technical, intellectual, loyal.
We analyse it and the scale of the task of closing it.

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The objective of Dialogue is to understand the nature
and size of the gap between the vision and the
individual and to begin the journey that will ensure
it is closed.
Typically, there will be 4 components to the gap:

what are the individual's hopes, fears and motivations?
what practical barriers and opportunities are there?
what does the individual actually think of the vision?
where do the individual's loyalties lie?

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The style of Dialogue is informal, intimate and
relaxed with the aim of bringing the 'whole person'
to the conversation. Many individuals will have a
hostile or 'fake' going in position and the aim will be
to uncover the real person and their true attitudes.
Importantly, it is always made clear that the
meeting and indeed the whole process is about the
individual's relationship with the vision and that
the role of tcp is as catalyst, provocateur and guide.
Following each meeting, top undertakes an analysis
to define the nature of the gap and the scale of the
task in it being closed.

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