The Tangible Outcome

1. Against the overall brief of developing a new equity for CMK, Pam Baillie was asked by the leadership to be the author of the new 'equity' proposal.
This led, in collaboration with tcp, to the development of an 'organising model' for the division to follow, worldwide. The model was based on the 'holy trinity' of 'What we stand for', 'What we Say' and 'What we Do' - all based around and drawing from a statement of core values and beliefs.
The model also integrated the principle of 'managing the implications' of the relationship/dynamic between each of the three critical components as they began to be tested in real market situations.
In addition, the process led to the development of a 'CMK Vision' that, for the first time, defined their role,
core competence and customer value.

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CMK Vision

"CMK is the voice of the world's consumers and shoppers, articulating their needs and dreams in order to grow the P&G brands they love.
We lead the identification of innovation opportunities and robust predictions of business outcomes. We inspire teams to maximise new and established brand initiatives by acting on the integrated knowledge of:

1. consumer and shopper decision processes
2. market and retailer dynamics
3. external influences
4. key drivers of business growth.

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This enables the design and optimisation of robust propositions for established brands and new initiatives in both developing and developed markets.
We are collaborative leaders and crucial members of P&G's global brand building community. We are committed to supporting successive generations of leaders to fulfil and expand this aspiration, always capitalising on the diversity and talents of our organisation."

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2. On the second brief, working with the 'Integrated Communications' group within CMK, the primary outcome was that they emerged as a genuine team, with a clear and multi-dimensional sense of who they were and how they could be of value to their key customer groups.
Based upon a 'belief analysis' that was introduced in our work together at the Toronto workshop, they implemented a framework asking, "Can our clients believe in what they hear? Can they believe in what they see? Can they believe in what we say?"
This led to the development of a strategic plan (in partnership with the HR division), which was presented to the main customers in the Marketing Services Group.
The result was that a previously sceptical client embraced the integrated communications group's proposition of the value of investment in customer relationship building channels - in addition to mainstream TV.

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