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Cascade Symposium

The Cassie Partnership Cascade Symposium

The RSA 13th September 2006.

Event review and write up


The Rise & Fall of business lexicons.

The new language of leadership - 10/08/2006

Seventy years after it first appeared Dale Carnegie's famous self-help book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' is being reprinted. It sold over 16 million copies and to quote The Times who reviewed the new edition recently, ".it was digested throughout the corporate world by ambitious men and women intent on climbing their respective greasy poles."

Cascading: Is there a more effective alternative?

The cascade metaphor suggests that knowledge and practice can simply be passed on from level to level, without losing anything or changing in the process- and that the process is necessarily from the top down, from a single point of origin to everyone being filled up.

How to avoid the stress of employing "Generation Why":

the new workforce of millennials who are challenging the status quo - 20/04/2006

Research by "Workforce Management" demonstrates that companies with enlightened talent management policies have higher returns on sales, investments, assets and equity. So, how do you prepare your organisation to win the talent war that in turn will make your business grow profitably?

Middlescents: Stuck in the Middle With You?


Middlescents are the large group of key workers (40% of Britain 's workforce according to the Office for National Statistics) who have all the angst of teenagers, but all the mortality fears of those in their middle age.

" - What the hell, I'll give it a try......"

Ten Steps to Close the Gap Between Vision & Behaviour

A recent study by McKinsey of the most effective way to create sustainable change within large organisations was informed by such leadership gurus as Jack Welch, ex President of GE, and extensive research amongst the CEOs of large American corporations.