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Ken Kaess, President & CEO, DDB Worldwide

"I would say to other CEOs that you should not work with tcp if you are happy with where you are as a company or as a leader.
But, if you need to change or evolve, then Neil's style and intellect will be a considerable help on that journey.
We at DDB had not been very accountable as a culture, but that is now changing with tcp's help.
We are starting to achieve connectivity through our global network. We are evolving from a federalist command and control culture, to one of accountability - and that does not sit comfortably with everyone.
Neil has been integral in helping us make this step change. However, we didn't want revolution and to lose sight of our DNA. We wanted evolution and I believe tcp's help has been critical to this. In particular, there are two things that he's helped us as a company to establish.
Firstly, critical inter-dependence as a management group. And secondly, the ability to follow through on our commitments. He has been relentless about making us do that."