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Biographies - Neil Cassie - Founder

Neil Cassie has spent the past 30 years working with global clients in more than 80 markets.


This world class education in both people and business has been drawn from clients such as P&G, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola, Guinness/Diageo, Philip Morris, Cadbury, United Airlines and Shell in territories and cultures as diverse as the USA, Germany and New Zealand.


This, combined with 20 years spent in  senior leadership positions, guiding people to align with a vision and to value their ideas, led to the formation of The Cassie Partnership in  2002.


Neil is a great believer in following one’s heart and passions and his business is a reflection of that belief in action.


Seeing leaders up close in the heat of the competitive battle and guiding them to invest in and act upon their core instinct to liberate the value of their people, brands and businesses (rather than give in to the immediate demands of the bottom line or the sales target) is Neil’s chief purpose.


It is a philosophy founded on the idea of ‘unleashing human potential’ that extends across his career. Most significantly, this was put into practice in his role as Director of Planning, Worldwide at Leo Burnett where he wrote and led the coaching implementation of the company’s global methodology.


Neil is an avid reader, inspired by human stories. To this end he has formulated an alternative recommended reading list, which is published here on this resource centre, for business leaders who wish to refresh the ‘human spirit’.


Neil is affiliated with several Executive Coaching and Organisational Behaviour consultancies such as First Class Coach and Inspiros and they contribute to his ongoing business learning experience and contemporary sector knowledge.


Neil was born in Glasgow, Scotland and now lives in London, England. He is an avid Scotland and Manchester United fan and has one son Euan now 25.